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February 26, 2014:
You may have noticed that several models have become a lot cheaper in the past few years. This is because they are now being manufactured overseas. Buyer Beware, and look for the label.


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Grilling is traditionally still done with gas, wood, or charcoal and those people who tailgate or go to competitions have gone nuts and probably dissuaded the casual griller from enjoying carmelized meat. Don't despair. Unlike Bob Dylan, you can always go electric and then come back to the traditional stuff once you have the budget.

What is the best electric grill?

Overall, choices determine favorite grill

Having used a number of electric grills, I would say that my favorite one is the Griddler GR4, which I use several times a month, not only for grilling but making pancakes and breakfast foods. It is a bit unfair to give this to the griddler since it has reversible panels, but then that is why I enjoy it so much! Indoor grills by Foreman and Krups would probably tie for second, with the Zojirushi coming in third since it works so great with Korean Barbecue.

Perhaps the best grill is the one that works for you, and though that sounds totally corny there are some considerations you should make when purchasing. For example, what is the temperature control like, and can the grill recover quickly when you put a slab of steak on it, or a pound of cold chicken on the plates? Many cheap Christmas gifts include fajita grills that go cold as soon as anything is put on them because the metal is cheap and does not hold any heat. Therefore, cooking takes even longer and is uneven, while a grill with more wattage and sturdier (heavier) plates would bring more heat to the food as it stayed warm. Nothing is worse than a sizzle that dies or foods that just aren't cooking because the heat just isn't there. For indoor griddles and grills, this can be fairly common, but some outdoor models that work on higher electrical loads will offer consistency and power that you can appreciate when you open your electric bill next month.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Yes, I know I prefer a Japanese Grill for Korean Cooking!