Outdoor Electric Grills


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February 26, 2014:
There are some great new designs out there, but one of our chief complaints has been that the standard GFCI outdoor outlets may not handle the wattage of a bigger grill. .


Rain Protection:

Heavy duty weatherproofing is recommended for infrared and quartz grill designs, owing to the fact that they are exposed to bugs, heat, smog, mold, mildew, and killer bees when not in season. Cold and ice buildup can also cause damage over time, or comprimise wiring insulation.

What's the best outdoor electric grill?

Tabletop and Stand-up grill models for barbecue fun!

Most outdoor electric grills are made to have the look and feel of classic charcoal and gas models, and offer an attractive grilling alternative for people who may not be able to use non-electric grills, whether this is because they can't use charcoal in thier communities, or gas grilling would be prohibitive. In fact, some of these electric grills can also be used indoors, which you can't do with charcoal or gas if you don't want to be poisoned by fumes. Some of the top models include Char-Broil's Infrared Electric Grilll, The Weber Q Series, or the GreatRoom outdoor grill.

What recipes work best on outdoor grilling platforms? If you are used to cooking with gas, or charcoal, you are going to get very different flavor profiles with electric since you are not adding smoky barbecue tastes or gassy odors to the food. Even so, meats, vegetables, and fish can cook quite nicely, plus you might get faster or more consistent results since your are cooking more directly than just heating the air around your food, though results vary and some earlier electrical models would just be watt-guzzling heating attachments which would just shrink your food into an unidentifiable carbon block slightly softer than a diamond. A little trial and error is recommended with outdoor electrical grills, so your patio party should not be the first time you test it out, or your inexperience may be apparent to everyone present.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Check with your co-op to make sure electric grills are a permitted substitute, since they can still create a fire danger if you leave things on them while they are hot.