Indoor Electric Grills


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February 26, 2014:
Grilling is more popular than ever.


Non-Stick Grilling:

Newer burner plates make it possible to get non-stick results and drain off a lot of the fat and grease that often would cause gas and charcoal grills to flame up. Just make sure the little grease catcher has the capacity for those ultra cheap 60% lean burgers you bought at the grocery store, and make an appointment to get your arteries scraped.

Best indoor grills and panini makers

When in doubt, look for the floating hinge.

Indoor electric grills are most commonly associated with the George Foreman grill, but new contenders like the Cuisinart Griddler and Delonghi Alfredo grill offer a diverse range of grilling choices. Some of them mimic the grilling experience of charcoal, while most indoor electric grills follow the model of the contact grill, with grill lines for burgers and the unique panini look that became popular in coffee houses in the 1990s. Many of these grills make cooking healthier by draining off the grease.

Indoor grills are ideal for recipes that require a little more searing on the outside of the meat, or less fat used in the preparation of foods. Some smaller models make it fun to make zucchini, steak, chicken, and even salmon in a healthier way than drowning it in butter in a frying pan. Some considerations for indoor grilling naturally involve the amount of smoke that will be generated, so if you don't have an exhaust fan above your stove then you might be setting off your smoke detectors and leaving acrid odors in all of your upholstery and furniture, which is not a good thing when you have an apartment. Grill settings should be kept as low as possible, and presumably you aren't blackening any fish on your grill which may create a bit of smoke. Indoor grilling recipes usually specify the setting for the grill, and there are even online sources for cooking with your particular model. If you get free utilities with your rent, it also works as a handy space heater when the landlord isn't providing sufficient warmth.

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Special note: Make Sure Your Outlet Can Handle the Wattage.