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February 26, 2014:
As Seen On TV: New Grills and Induction technology making it possible to do more indoor cooking with grill marks and flavoring.


Griddler Review:

I have a griddler. I like it for cooking things like fajitas, but my real issue is that it has a hard time keeping temperature, so it cools down when I put the meat on it, and then has to come back up to temperature. Meanwhile, a gas grill just stays hot and reduces cooking time. Still, the griddler's reversible plates are good for breakfast foods and bacon.

Fuel-Free Electric Cooking

Healthy grilling options & Convenient Barbecue

Electric GrillsToday's electric grills are easier to use and safer than most other grilling options. While most people think of the George Foreman Grill when these items are mentioned, the selection is actually much more diverse. You can get a patio barbecue grill that withstands all weather conditions, and doesn't require the use of gas or charcoal. There are griddles and panini makers which are perfect for making restaurant-style food in your own home. You can buy smokers and tabletop grills for a variety of applications, and professional chefs (and caterers) prefer several models because they are portable, easy to set, and easy to clean. Best of all, you never run out of fuel for an electric grill, which can be ready to use in less time than it takes to prep the food! Barbecuing has never been easier, and grilling helps food become less greasy and better tasting.

Top electric grill models include Meco, Brinkmann, Car Broil, Sunbeam, Weber, Presto, Thermos, and Jenn Air. Most grills use stainless steel construction, and all grills sold in the US are UL Listed.

If anyone remembers the Hibachi craze of the 1970s, where people bought little grills that they could use on apartment balconies, when not gassing themselves in their rooms, then they know that there is a gread demand for the ability to grill foods safely and efficiently, without charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid.

Unsolicited Update: I bought a Cuisinart Griddler for my wife's birthday and have been using it a couple of times a week. Originally, I thought the griddle was just an infomercial gimmick, but the reversable non-stick plates have been great for everything from sliders to pancakes. The only problem I have seen is that it is just about impossible to re-shine the little nubs that hold the griddle plates on, but otherwise you can make a main course in under 15 minutes either by using it like a panini press or laying it flat and cooking more pieces simultaneously. Naturally, I got the gift for my wife and I am the only one using it, but it is still a good product.

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Special note: Make sure your kitchen can handle the wattage requirements of electrical grills. There are also no paid endorsements on this site. If we like something, we will recommend it, and if we don't like something, we will tell you that too!